It’s good to talk - how video enables the authentic Voice of Customer

October 17, 2016

Ever had that sinking feeling when you return to your desk after a holiday and realise it’s going to take you at least a day just to organise your overflowing email inbox?

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Micro Expressions - what our face says about what we really think

October 03, 2016

“When she smiled, her eyes lit up like a pinball machine when you win a bonus game.”

Grant Naylor, Red Dwarf

Your genuine emotions can be very difficult to disguise. Even if you think you’re in control of your face, just the look in your eyes can give the game away.

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Vloggers’ secrets for video research success

September 21, 2016

The world is becoming obsessed with vloggers. Today, millions upon millions of people are heading online to watch other people talking about beauty, fashion, food, gaming, lifestyle and...well...any topic that pops into their heads.

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How emotion analysis is already changing lives

September 07, 2016

At Plotto, we are using facial emotion analytics to enhance online video research, providing richer consumer insight and pushing back the boundaries of what you can learn about your consumers from their online web survey. Emotion recognition software is a relatively new technology, but despite the fact it’s in its infancy, increasingly more industries are realising the potential for its application, like advertising, education, gaming and well-being.

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