Can video survey technology help fix the problems with polling?

December 01, 2016

2016 is a year that more than a few people will be glad to forget - if only because we said goodbye to Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali. Of course 2016 also saw some seismic events - the UK voting to leave the European Union, and Donald Trump winning the US presidential election - two major political earthquakes that confounded the experts and showed that polls can sometimes get it very wrong.

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7 ways to enhance your marketing with user-generated video content

November 14, 2016

There have never been so many different channels and platforms with which marketers can connect with their customers. As such, there is a constant need for original, engaging content, with video currently the most in-demand.

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It’s good to talk - how video enables the authentic Voice of Customer

October 17, 2016

Ever had that sinking feeling when you return to your desk after a holiday and realise it’s going to take you at least a day just to organise your overflowing email inbox?

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Micro Expressions - what our face says about what we really think

October 03, 2016

“When she smiled, her eyes lit up like a pinball machine when you win a bonus game.”

Grant Naylor, Red Dwarf

Your genuine emotions can be very difficult to disguise. Even if you think you’re in control of your face, just the look in your eyes can give the game away.

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